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VERSA Logistic Suite
End-to-end traceability:
from the product to the carton, to the pallet, to the customer

VERSA Logistic Suite

End-to-end traceability: from the product to the carton, to the pallet, to the customert

Reduce the time to control your boxes, parcels or pallets by 90% . Eliminate your flashing errors and archive your media proofs in real time thanks to VERSA Logistic Suite!

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Our tool for automatic control of goods and products, packages, pallets

Want to optimize your loading/unloading time? Reduce your flashing errors of packages or pallets? Automate the traceability of your goods? Then the VERSA Logistic Suite is for you!

Reduce the time to control your pallets by 90%, gain more than 40% of time of loading/unloading and eliminate the errors of flashings; so many challenges for all of which we have the ideal solution. Our patented product, the VERSA Logistic Suite and its Gates, provides all of the answers to your various needs

Tailor-made operational excellence

With VERSA Logistic Suite, build the most appropriate response to your challenges.

Traceability of your products, compliance with transport conditions (temperature, hygrometry, etc.), compliance with hygiene standards, etc. in all phases of transport/loading/unloading of the pallet on the dock, in transport, right up to the final customer, Versa accompanies you at each stage to ensure reliable automatic control for quality and traceability.

We have developed a Versa Gate for each step of the control of your goods: they work both together or separately. Dock Gate identifies 100% of your pallets, Pallet Gate scans 100% of your parcels, Parcel Gate is specialized in traceability, quality and proof of shipment and Product Gate automates quality control. With our experts, choose the ideal configuration for your needs!

With more than 90 satisfied customers on 100 industrial sites, Versa ensures logistical excellence in the service of operations.

Discover the products of the VERSA Logistic Suite

Dock Gate

No stops during loading and unloading. Traceability, quality guaranteed

Pallet Gate Face V1.1

Pallet Gate

A few seconds to control and track packages on Pallet

Parcel Gate

Identification and content analysis for each labeled package

VERSA Logistic Suite, the common portal for all Gates

All our products work with VERSA Logistic Suite, which adapts to your needs and challenges. Built on our 30 years of experience, VERSA Logistic Suite is a complete tool that is both quick to learn as well as being very effective and time-saving. Productivity monitoring, tracking, quality control, proof of shipment… all of your performance indicators can be monitored and analysed in real time!

VERSA Logistic Suite gives your teams a single productivity environment to free them from time-consuming tasks. VERSA Logistic Suite also adapts to your teams: from the global view for management teams to the operational view on each of your control bottlenecks, we make sure that the right information reaches the right person. The flows are stored in a real digital safe to ensure maximum security.

Our team of experts will help you define your needs and propose the configuration that best suits you. VERSA Logistic Suite gives you the key to possible gains in both quality and productivity!

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